how do you kill rats with salt

How do you kill rats with salt? Why is this ingredient dangerous for rodents? How to use it? What is the right recipe?

Here is a short article on how to kill a rat with salt, as well as mice and other rodents (field mice, voles…)

I. Why Do Rats Enter Houses and Gardens?

If rats settle in a place, whether it is a house or a garden, it is because they have found elements to satisfy their instinctive needs.

These needs are mainly reproduction and survival. To achieve this, they must have food and an adequate climate, in this case, heat and a little humidity.

This is the reason why they build their nests near humans.

When rats invade a house they find everything they need.

They then feed almost every night and stay warm until the owner decides to chase them out.

The same applies to garden invasions by mice and rats. Although there, they will be less well off, since they are not totally safe and will have less choice in their food.

However, they dig burrows to hide from potential predators such as snakes and feed on the seeds and fruits found in the garden.

II. How Do You Kill Rats with Salt?

Rats are mammals like cows, sheep, and even humans. As such, they have a digestive system that starts in the mouth and ends in the anus.

When a rat chews and swallows food, it passes through several digestive organs including the stomach and intestines, which release digestive enzymes that transform the food into nutrients, so each nutrient has its own enzyme.

The salt that makes the rat instinctively flee does not digest itself and remains in the animal’s stomach for several hours, killing it after a few days.

III. Recipe to Kill Rats and Mice with Salt

As mentioned above, rats are naturally repelled by salt, which means that you can’t trap them with this ingredient and it will be very difficult to make them eat it, as they have a very developed sense of smell.

 However, there are some tricks to hide the smell of salt and deceive the rodent’s sense of smell, which is the most developed faculty in him.

Mixing salt with flour

To design a poison based on salt, we must first find a way to hide its smell. To do this, it is possible to mix it with flour and add water to it to have a good paste in the end.

The difficulty of this recipe is the fact that we must be careful with the measures, we must put a considerable amount of flour to be able to attract the animal and make him swallow the bait.

On the other hand, we need a fairly large amount of salt to be able to kill it.

The ideal is to double the amount of flour compared to the amount of salt. For example, if we take 5g of salt we must add 8 to 10g of flour.

Once the paste is ready and to make sure that the poison is attractive we dip the obtained mixture in a meat sauce so that the smell of the food is more intense.

When preparing the trap you should always remember to put on gloves so that you don’t leave your smell on the mixture and risk scaring away the rat or mouse.

IV. Why Choose Salt to Kill Rats?

  • It’s an easy and economical trap to design
  • The ingredients of this poison are always present in a house
  • It is a poison that is not dangerous to humans or pets

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