does baking soda kill roaches

Baking soda against cockroaches is one of the natural methods to get rid of these pests permanently.

It is of no health risk for children and pets like cats and dogs.

In addition, baking soda is not only effective against cockroaches but can rid the house of all unwanted insects and rodents such as rats, mice, ants, and other bed bugs.

I. What is baking soda

Baking soda is a chemical powder composed mainly of salt and chalk. The use of bicarbonate dates back to antiquity with the Egyptians who used it to embalm bodies.

Until today, it has remained an indispensable domestic product. According to the different types of baking soda that exist, it can be used in several areas.

We find the food baking soda which is intended for consumption, without contraindication.

Pharmaceutical baking soda is reserved for medical use.

Sodium bicarbonate for breeding is used to rebalance the pH of animals whose diet is too rich in proteins.

Finally, the technical sodium bicarbonate is used for household cleaning. It is this last one that allows fighting against cockroaches.

II. Does baking soda kill roaches

Baking soda has properties that allow it to dehydrate bodies. Indeed, the ingestion of baking soda by cockroaches will dry them from the inside.

By handling the bicarbonate powder, the cockroaches will carry it in their nests and poison their fellow roaches.

The product will cause intestinal obstruction and kill them after a few days.

III. How to use baking soda to kill roaches?

To rid your home of cockroaches, there are several methods of using baking soda.

You can sprinkle baking soda in your house. Insist on areas that are likely to harbor these insects.

By observing their behavior, you can put this miracle powder in their path. To go to the kitchen, for example, they will take the same path.

With this fatal obstacle, cockroaches will avoid your kitchen. It is necessary to clean your house a few days later to remove the cockroach corpses and any bicarbonate residue.

# 2nd way

Diluted in water, baking soda becomes a very good cockroach spray. Spray this repellent on objects in your home (furniture, appliances, clothes.), but especially in places that are favorable to cockroaches.

# 3rd way

With this powder, you can also make various compositions depending on the ingredients you have.

Mix baking soda with powdered sugar in equal amounts. Pour the powder evenly along the walls, on the threshold of the spaces between large appliances and the wall.

Cockroaches will be attracted to the sugar and will poison themselves with the baking soda when they consume it.

Or, put the mixture in one or more bowls and place them in places where you have seen the roaches.

# 4th way

Another recipe using baking soda is to mix it with flour and sweetened condensed milk in equal amounts.

You will obtain a homogeneous paste of which you will make small balls. Sprinkle these balls in the places where cockroaches like to live.

The fight against cockroaches must be permanent to be effective. The advantage is that it can remain cheap.

You can therefore clean your interior and especially your kitchen, with a solution of water + baking soda.

After each cooking, clean your work surface and your stove with this solution. Use a spray, more convenient to spray without waste, and a clean cloth.

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